IP Infrastructures – open or closed?

This workshop explored how digitalisation and networked devices have combined to be disruptive in the book publishing, music, film and video game industries, and how this has given rise to new entry by firms disintermediating the tasks previously carried out by publishers and similar gatekeepers. UK developments were contrasted with China, where internet giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are shaping very different innovation circumstances.

  • Gian Marco Campagnolo and Hung The Nguyen (University of Edinburgh) discussed the case of the Digital Copyright Hub with Michael Collins.
  • Xiaobai Shen (University of Edinburgh) “The paradox of imitation of IP regime in China – a “laboratory” of digital copyright protection in China’s cultural industries”.
  • Morten Hviid, Sofia Izquierdo Sanchez and Sabine Jacques (UEA): “From publishers to self-publishing: The disruptive effects of digitalisation on the book industry”.